About TheHackerWorkshop.com

The Hacker Workshop is a converted garage in a secret location in a suburban area near Dallas, Texas. We build stuff, play with science, and try to learn new skills and teach them to others. ("We" being me and whoever wants to come dabble in the garage with me.) Possible topics include digital electronics, CNC routers, metalcasting, screenprinting, and just about anything that could explode or cause serious bodily injury.

My name is Matthew Mucker. I just hit my 40th birthday. I'm married with two young sons. I work as a systems administrator for a large telecommunications company and live in a suburb of Ft. Worth, TX. My degree is in biology; I have about zero hours of formal education in electronics. Nevertheless, my hobby is digital electronics and many of my blog posts and projects are going to revolve around that.

You mail email me at my-first-name@my-domain-name.com.

Code examples from this site can be found in my Google Code repository at http://code.google.com/p/the-hacker-workshop/