In any hacking/DIY endeavour, parts and knowledge are needed. This is a list of suppliers that I've accumulated over time. Note that I haven't necessarily dealt with all of these suppliers but they've all somehow ended up in my bookmarks.

If you're aware of any sources that should be on this page, please email me.

Electronics Parts

Full Service

  • My favorite supplier is Digi-Key. Their website makes it very easy to search for parts.
  • Another popular supplier is Mouser.
  • Jameco is a third option.

Hacker Friendly

  • Sparkfun has lots of nifty doodads, and is a major supporter of the DIY crowd. Even when the part is a bit more expensive, I encourage you to order from Sparkfun when you can. They support us, let's support them in return.
  • Adafruit Industries is a web store operated by open hardware advocate Limor Fried.
  • The Maker Shed, part of O'Reilley's Make brand, is a good starting point for many projects.

Surplus Electronics

Mechanical Parts