New Web Host

My old ISP,, did some kind of "migration" that has left me without web or email access for over a week. Their incompetent support staff seems to think that the issue is 'fixed' when this site's home page took 50+ seconds to load, and I couldn't access my IMAP email box. They blamed it on the Plesk control panel (you know, the one that they apparently decided to install before doing any testing).

Screw 'em. I got a new web host.

My warning: don't do business with MochaHost. Their service (even when it was 'working' by a loose definition of the term) is unreliable and slow. And an outage that lasts for over a week is simply inexcusable in anyone's book. They haven't offered to move my sites to a working server. Their response has been, "this issue is due to a bug in <software that they decided to install>. We're looking at finding a different control panel for our users." They offered me a preview of the new control panel but didn't offer to move my data to the server with the new control panel.

As I said: screw 'em. MochaHost sucks.