Arduino Sketches on the Launchpad?

Chris Hulbert has created a header file for the TI MSP430 Launchpad that ports some of the Arduino functions to TI's platform.

Macros for setup(), loop(), delay(), pinMode(), pinBit(), digitalWrite(), and digitalRead() are included. Chris also disables the MSP430's watchdog timer, which will help a lot of newbies (and would have helped me on my first project).

It'll be interesting to see how "Arduino-like" the community can make the TI platform. TI is clearly going after the hobbyist market with this platform, but they certainly aren't providing the support or the ecosystem that's needed to really engage this audience. Tools like this one may make up the difference. (I doubt, however, that the MSP430 will ever approach the popularity of the Arduino. TI just doesn't seem to "get it" about supporting and engaging the hobbyist community.)

I still plan on creating some tutorials for the Launchpad, but it'll have to wait at least until the Renesas RX Design Contest ends on the 27th.