I Have a Real Audience!

I started this blog as a personal project, mainly as a way for me to document my own projects and to motivate myself to tinker some more. I never really imagined that anyone would have the slightest interest in what I had to write.

I was a couple of days late paying the renewal registration for my domain last week, so GoDaddy 'parked' thehackerworkshop.com. I was surprised and flattered that several of you wrote to me, pleading to get the site back up.

This, more than anything, is motivation for me to get the workshop built and get back to hacking. I've still got (at least) a few weeks of construction and move-in before I can start tinkering again, but knowing that there are people out there who are reading my writing is just incredible.

Thanks for the comments. You can't imagine how much they're appreciated.