February 13, 2014

Programming in a Nutshell

I saw this on Reddit today and couldn't resist passing it along. My apologies for the 9MB .gif file, but it does illustrate what programming is all about. (more…)

August 30, 2013

Workshop (lack of) Progress Update

It's been another hot Texas summer, which has really been demotivating to my efforts to work on finishing up the workshop. Between that, and a job, and a wife, and two young kids, not much progress has been made. All the 'stuff' from my workshop is in boxes in the garage, so the wife and I have been parking in the driveway/on the street.

The good news is that the weather should be cooling down some and the kids are back in school and I have lots of vacation time stored up. I'm building some shelving and making other preparations to move my stuff back into the workshop area. More progress reports soon. I hope.