Driving Servos with the STM32F0Discovery

My code appears to be working. I'm driving one of the cheap Chinese servos I bought from the STM32F0DISCOVERY board. I've verified with the Saleae Logic probe that all 8 channels are giving output, and I have one servo wired up and moving. You'll have to take my word on the motion part; I'm not going to dig out the camcorder and edit video just to show a servo horn moving. Note that I'm currently powering the servo from the host computer's 5V USB bus, and the servo's control pin is connected to the 3.3V output of the STM32F0. This probably isn't ideal conditions for driving this servo, but the quick-and-dirty test shows that it's working.

As always, click on the thumbnail for the full sized picture.

I apologize for the low-light photo; using the flash produced too much glare from my desk.

I'll eventually share the code; right now it needs a lot of cleaning up before it's ready to share.