Workshop Construction Update 2

Supermodel Wife took the kids to her parent's house today, leaving me time to work undisturbed.

I finished what I feared would be the most difficult part of wiring the new workshop. I was correct: it was the most difficult part. Hacker Dad came over and fed some cable to me from the ground while I pulled from the attic, and I ran some cables through some headers in some very cramped quarters in the attic. The good news is that it's all done and it works.

I'm almost ready for my rough inspection. The only thing I have to do (and it is the only part left) is to run the feeder cables from the main breaker box to the subpanel. I'm running three runs of #3 THHN in PVC conduit, or at least that's the plan. I might have an electrician come over and help me with that. Not because the wiring itself is difficult, or even that I'm scared of a 100A circuit. I just don't know how I'm going to run the conduit with all of the obstructions I have in the way.

My body is telling me that I'm not 18 any more. I'm gonna go kick back and watch some television and unwind.